Some interviews

There's one in: Writers in Conversation with Christopher Bigsby Volume Six, Norwich: Boiler House Press, 2017

Should you apply for a Creative Writing MA? – IdeasTap interview with David Whelan, January 2013

The Three R’s: Andrew Cowan - Slightly Bookist interview with JC Sutcliffe, July 2012

‘What We Are Missing’: An Interview With Andrew Cowan - interview with Nadine Karol, October 2011

Writing What You Know: Using Life Experiences In Your Fiction – Open University audio interview with Derek Neale, June 2011

Five Books Interviews: Andrew Cowan on Creative Writing – The Browser interview with Daisy Banks, March 2011

An Interview With Andrew Cowan – The Literary Project interview with Gemma Noone, December 2009

Questions for Andrew Cowan on the novel Crustaceans by students oTokyo University – Richard Beard website, November 2003